City Thrive shares cool ideas about making communities better places - stronger economies - resilient cities. Visit my blog for posts and links/resources on topics from "tacticle urbanism" to strengthening small business.

I believe shopping local contributes to strong local economies; crowdfunding has incredible potential for Main Streets; reinvesting in existing infrastructure is the path to true sustainability; walking is cool; all communities have unique assets that are the keys to growing their economies; small businesses, not Wall Street, generate jobs; historic buildings are better than new ones; the Main Street Approach brings downtowns staggering success; and placemaking helps make communities livable.

About Me

I gained 10 years of downtown revitalization experience while working with the National Trust Main Street Center where I developed case studies, analyzed national trends, lead the social media strategy, collected and shared resources and grants, guided the educational content for an annual conference, and provided technical assistance to local community leaders.

I am currently job seeking: My strengths are within the communications realm (from delivering engaging trainings to writing case studies). I thrive on being a go-to resource - a one-stop clearinghouse - for information and ideas. I specialize in the Main Street Four-Point Approach (r) for comprehensive commercial district revitalization - in fact I published an entire book on it! I love to connect people, companies, ideas, towns - you name it - to keep up the momentum on Main Street. I am available to help communities identify and leverage their assets through trainings, panel presentations, resource team or other technical assistance visits, and have experience assisting the music and film industries in scouting unique destinations for music festivals, concerts, and movie locations. Follow me on Twitter or get LinkedIn with me!