Resource Round Up

(Links to useful resources so we both don't forget about them)

Value of a Volunteer Hour

Independent Sector - The estimated value of volunteer time for 2012 is $22.14 per hour. This number is also broken down by state so you can see what this amount is where you live. It is updated annually so check the website. This national nonprofit has abundant resources for volunteer leadership development (webinars, conferences) and also advocates for policy affecting nonprofits (like tax status), so they are a good resource to know about.

Social Media

Cheat Sheet for Social Media Profile Pages - Image Sizes - I do not have Photoshop and I have fought and lost too many battles with images, trying to get them the right size to look good on my social media pages. Here is the ultimate guide from Luna Metrics. 

Walkablity - This cool website breaks down what a city can do (or a proponent of pedestrian orientation seeking resources to help with outreach and education) to enhance walkability - PLUS it is has a great feature that lets you peruse tactics and build a strategic plan online.

Healthy Spaces & Places provides fundamental information, case studies, and guidance to local govt, community groups, and other community stakeholders to guide ways for encouraging walking, cycling, and using public transport so we can have healthier places. Great resource here that goes beyond walkability. From design principles to connectivity basics to an image gallery and downloadable texts - this is one of the best resource hubs I have seen in a while.


Working with Your Transit Agency - Citizens can and do engage with their transit agencies/DOTs. PPS has developed a helpful online booklet to help guide your efforts.

Rails-to-Trails - Want to turn an old bridge or former railway into a recreational trail? This organization has some good resources to get you started with research, advocacy, outreach, planning, more.

Tactical Urbanism

Candy Chang - Candy is an innovator who finds creative ways to activate public spaces. She's done things like the "Before I Die" project where people write their dreams on a giant community chalk board, and "I Wish This Was" sticker campaign where people could say what kinds of places or businesses would open in vacant places. 

PopUp City - This group explores international efforts at changing cities with new and experimental ideas. This link goes to a Jan. 2013 article that lists the hottest pop up urbanism trends, including Jane Walks (community walking tours), Park(ing) Day (turning a parking space into a temporary park), Play Me I'm Yours (public interactive art installment where pianos are put in the public space), Nuit Blanche (art events all night), PechaKucha (mini 10 slides in 10 minute presentations).

PorchFest - I think this started in Ithaca, NY, a few years ago, but residents open their porches and front yards up to local musicians and neighbors are encouraged to stroll their 'hood and meet new friends while listening to live music.

Build a Better Block - This project that created temporary streetscape improvements got its start in Texas, but has been copied all over the place. Want to see and test out how bike lanes, landscaping, street furniture, traffic calming elements, and other ideas for street improvements would work in your district? This strategy lets you try before you buy - and get public participation and support so officials can see people are behind the proposed changes.

Land Banking

Land Banks and Land Banking - Center for Community Progress' A to Z guide on everything you could ever need to know about using land banking to deal with vacant properties. 


Travel Guide - This is a January call for entries for Rustbelt cities to submit travel guides. The example given is for Cleveland. It is engaging, interesting, and makes you want to visit and gives the reader a good feel for the town. I think every Main Street town should develop one of these and post it online and shop it out to regional media outlets. 


"Meet the Millennials: Getting to know your next big customer," by Patricia Frank (Bed Times, Jan. 2012) This publication, writing for the "sleep products industry," has a fantastic and thorough round up of defining traits and habits, consumer preferences, and shopping behaviors, with info on the best ways to market to them and engage them.

Pew Research Social & Demographic Trends - The Millennial Generation - a bunch of facts and stats about this group. 

"New Study Finds Millennials Subsist on Roofdecks, Dog Showers," by Sarah Firshein (, Aug 2011) The title says it all - a short list of housing amenities.

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